Vue.js Web Firebase

Creation Date

Tue Nov 21 2017

I built a web application with Vue.js. This is for taking small or quick notes and not a big application, so I thought it’s a good start using Vue.js.
The name is airnote.

airnote - Super accessible note just like air.

The concept of this is

The online note book you can easily put and share information across your portable terminals.

About an use case, for example

When you are using Computer and find something you wanna use on your iPhone, open aitenote on your computer and put that information on airnote, then you open airtote on your iPhone and just use it.

Yeah I know Facebook Messenger can do almost the same thing (Sending information to myself) and I used to do it. Messenger has a chat UI and it’s easy to let information flow away.
And airnote doesn’t let that happens 👍


  • Authentication (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Storing information per user (of course yes)
  • Copy text by just one tap
  • Nobody can see you notes except you.
  • Open the information on a new browse tab (It’s convenient if the information is URL)
  • Open the information on Google Map (It’s convenient if the information is an address)

What I use

  • Vue.js
  • Firebase (Authentication, Real Time Database, Hosting)
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Font Awesome (Yeah this is absolutely awesome☺️)


In my case, I use airnote when I wanna save address of good restaurant, URL and collections of hash tags I use a lot on Instagram like below (I use lots of hash tags😗).

I believe there should be much more way of using airnote.

Please let me know what you think about airnote.